We are in the process of opening our first brick and mortar store at 205 Wilson Ave. in Tullahoma, TN. Because of this our website is also being remodeled. We appreciate your patience while we work through this. If there is anything we can help you with, please email Jennifer at or you can call Jennifer at 504-701-4273. We hope to be up and running online again soon, so please check back often!

About Us

Founded in 2010, Fluente Designs is owned and operated by Jennifer Vogel, a loving mother of three and wife to an amazing husband!  Jennifer has always loved to create things with her own two hands and has been drawn to anything artistic for as long as she can remember.   Throughout her years at college, she studied art in many forms, including graphic design and ceramics.  She was accepted into the LSU School of Design before deciding to put her education on hold to travel and see more of the world. 
Jen returned to the United States in 2005 and started her family soon after.  Being a stay at home mother to her children has been one of the biggest joys in her life, but she never could get rid of that urge to design and create.  She started dabbling in the arts again and soon discovered a true passion for jewelry.  She began to self-teach in the many areas of jewelry design that she found exciting and intriguing.  It wasn’t long before she was knee deep in beads, wire and polymer clay… and enjoying every minute of it! 
In 2010, Jennifer (with the support of her family) decided to start her own business.  Fluente (Italian for “flowing”) Designs was born with the intent of sharing the creations that she loved with the rest of the world.  Her goals were simple… she wanted to create designs that were unique and produce products that her customers could love and cherish for years to come.   
Fluente Designs first opened online as an Etsy store and soon branched out to Artfire as well.  In 2011, FD products were popping up in local boutiques and we are now branching out into wholesale.  Since its beginning, Fluente Designs has grown and will, hopefully, continue to grow, but the dreams and goals of its owner will always remain at its core. 
“The best part of making jewelry by hand is that each piece is unique.  They may share the same design and look very similar, but no two will ever be identical!  Every item is as special as the person who wears it!” 
– Jennifer Vogel

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